What Are We Working on Now?

Whether it's in the studio, the garden, in the press, or out in our community, there's always something in the works at Isa Catto Studio. Check back with us often for current events, news, and updates.

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Melva Bucksbaum Dedication to the arts award honoring isa catto

Event Chairs, Newton Bartley and Eric Calderon, invite you to join Party at the Art Base on August 18, 2018, featuring a cocktail reception and silent auction, fine dining and award ceremony, live music, and dessert. 

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Woody Creek high altitude Garden and Isa Catto Studio Tours

Located at an altitude of 8,000 feet, our garden is a veritable cornucopia of edible treasures for local birds and other wildlife. Join us on July 14, 2018 for a glimpse into the word of high altitude gardening, followed by a studio tour with Isa Catto.

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Garden of Eatin': A Woody Creek Couple's Edible Landscape Feeds the Creative Process

Find Isa Catto and her husband, Daniel Shaw, featured on the pages of Edible Aspen. This article was written by Mitzi-Jill Rapkin and featured photography by Olive & West.